About Los Hornitos Bakery

Hudson Valley Bakery, Latin Restaurant and Chilean Cuisine.

Our Business

Since 2005 Los Hornitos Bakery has set out to provide excellent service to each and every customer. We strive to make you feel like family, to make Los Hornitos a place you belong; making those special occasion cake orders and catering that more meaningful. There’s always a place set for you and we look forward to serving our loyal customers each and every day.



The origin of “Los Hornitos” comes from a famous Chilean restaurant where Hector Lorca worked for many years.  “Los Hornitos” was known for its mud and brick ovens located for the customers to see as their authentic empanadas were cooked to perfection.


This artisanal restaurant was the place where Monica and Hector met and love was in the air. For many years their dream was to open a bakery-café similar to where some of their fondest memories lie and what a more perfect name than the place where it all began

“We are constantly working with our customers whether its during a cake appointment, over an event they need catered or simply ordering lunch for the office. Together we are able to create beautiful and amazing things that surely bring positive results and satisfaction.”

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Main core of our company is our staff